I've moved!

I'm still writing; you just won't find me here any longer. If you want to keep reading my writing, head over to mollyflinkman.com. I'll keep a cup of coffee warm for you.


God speaks to my soul through words. They play in my mind as a low hum throughout the days and keep me awake at night with their incessancy.  I started this blog back in 2010 because I needed to put an order to all the words that were bumping around in my brain. 

If you ask me, it's a great tragedy of life when we keep the words inside. 

My life is particularly ordinary. Most of the words that stick in my brain are whispered through bedtime stories or basement playtime with my kids. Through West Wing marathons and games of Settlers of Catan with my husband. Through email conversations with friends and mid-afternoon coffee breaks by myself. They emerge as I navigate my life experiences as a wife, mom, and regular person who just wants to live this life better.

There's a certain beauty in the mundane though, so I keep combing through the sippy cups, afternoon walks, and loads of laundry for nuggets of truth and beauty.

And then I write about them here.

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