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what inspires me.

I love many things and tend to become overly emphatic about the things that move me. Here are a few things you're bound to see shape my thoughts and reflections:

Donald Miller wrote a really great book once about his thoughts as he wrestled with Christianity. Then, he wrote this book after some filmmakers wanted to turn his first book into a movie.

Basically, through that process, he realized that the lives we've been given aren't all that different from the basic plot elements of a story, and he was challenged to take his life and live a better one (which he does). Thus, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years was born.

In his quest to live a better story, Donald Miller meets Bob Goff who, without question, is choosing to live one of the best stories I've read. His stories and experiences are captivating and funny and inspiring and are told in great length in his book, Love Does.

My favorite story? The time his family instituted a grand New Year's Day parade on their block. Or the time he lent his house to a total stranger for a grand marriage proposal. Or the time he took his kids to visit dozens of foreign dignitaries.

Okay, who am I kidding? I can't choose a favorite.

Basically everything written by Jen Hatmaker has wrecked me, but 7: an experimental mutiny against excess is the one that started it all. In her quest to live more simply, she began to see the world as Jesus does. 

I opened this book thinking I would eat better and give away half my wardrobe. I closed it with a strong resolve to love people better. Also I recycle now, so there's that too.

(I wrote some more thoughts about 7 here.)

Also, fiction. I drink a lot of extra coffee in the mornings because I can't seem to put a good book down. The stories stay with me long after I've turned the last page. There are Scout, Harry, Hazel, Augustus, Beth, and Jennifer to name a few of my friends.

There's also this and this and this and this, but those things probably won't show up as much. 

Finally (and probably most importantly), most of my inspiration comes from my husband (the best person I've ever met) and my two girls. 

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