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Saturday, July 17, 2010


word of the day: community \kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē\ a unified body of individuals.

I could have easily chosen "fabulous" to be the word of today's post. I didn't, but I want you to know how fabulous the following topic is...

I was reminded this past weekend of how sweet friendship is. How good it is to be with people who know your heart. How refreshing it is to pick up where you last left off. How important it is to reconnect with the people who are most important to you.

I had the unusual privilege of rooming with the same three girls all four years of college. If you ever hear me sharing a college memory, it most likely involves Heather, Holli, or Kelly in some way. They were always right around the corner (unless they were at soccer).

As Kelly and I drove up to Minnesota this past weekend for our mini-reunion, we were wondering aloud why God chooses to bless us again and again with such great friends. The only thing I can figure (because obviously it's up to me to answer this question) is that God wants me to understand community. Almost like He wants me to feel the importance of it so that I may take it into other areas of my life.

I am a different person because of the influence of my college community. I am more aware of my gifts, more confident in my faith, and more sensitive to the needs of others because of the women God chose to place in my life. I am less defensive to confrontation and better able to speak truth because of Heather. I am more aware of God's constant presence and my need to meet with Him because of Holli. I am reminded to see the good in people and situations before jumping to conclusions because of Kelly.

I am a more well-rounded individual because of my community.

I am ever thankful that God chose to bless me in this way.

We actually talked quite a bit about community this past weekend and, at times, I just sat back and smiled at the ways God continues to use these girls to touch my life.

I realized that because of the community and sense of belonging and understanding we experienced in college, we all still continue to seek it out in our now, somewhat, separate lives. We have attempted to recreate it (sometimes successful, other times not) and we have all sought it (whether or not we want to admit it to each other).

It's like God has branded it onto our hearts and we won't be satisfied without it. Like a piece of our soul is missing without the community of other people.

Sometimes it's a burden to bear. Sometimes it's frustrating to have the taste of community on your tongue without being able to recreate the exact ingredients. And yet, it's possible, and God continues to place people in my life who have a similar craving for life.

We used to sing this song in college called "Friends for Life." It was a cheesy Disney channel song that we made sure to belt out during every road trip we took together (usually sandwiched between "Popular" from Wicked and "A Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid).

Cheesy as it may be, it's true. And I remain so thankful for my three beautiful friends and the sweet taste they have given me of what a true community is.

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Bausch said...

Molly that is a precious experience that I can echo. I also was given three friends who were also my dear brothers in Christ to carry me through my college years. What a blessing from the Lord to have such a gift. Thank you Lord! You know I believe Daniel in the Old Testament was also given three companions.